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Practical advice for keeping safe
when you visit the Animal Ark

The Animal Ark is approximately 20 acres in area and is a landscaped, gently rolling, natural parkland site and home to about 250 birds and animals

Whilst enjoying the relaxed atmosphere be aware that there are some simple common sense rules which you should observe.

1. Do wash your hands after touching animals as many animals carry bacteria in their gut that are useful for them but can cause illness in humans such as E.coli. Young children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable. There are washing facilities available at convenient points around the site.

2. Do use the designated Picnic Area near to the Tearoom and Entrance where benches are provided for your convenince and where there is a reduced risk of animal contact. Please remember to wash your hands before eating and after visiting the toilet.

3. Do not climb into animal pens. They have as much right to their space as you have to yours and they might react with defensive aggression to people they do not know.

4. Safety Barriers. Never climb on, over or under them - barriers are provided to keep you at a safe distance from possible harm.

5. Respect the animals. Do not tease the animals by running backwards and forwards in front of their pens, or throwing sticks or other missiles. Anyone found doing this will be excluded from the Ark.

6. Children must be accompanied. Adults are responsible for the supervision of children in their care and must accompany them at all times whilst at the centre.